How can I talk to ASWSUV during COVID-19?

We’re not physically in the office due to the current pandemic, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have an office! We’re in our online Zoom office Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm if you want to stop by and chat, ask questions, or anything else your heart desires.

Visit us here!

Questions about ASWSUV

What is ASWSUV?

The Associated Students of WSUV is your student government for the Washington State University Vancouver campus.

How does ASWSUV help me?

We help bridge the gap between students and faculty and administration. We advocate on the behalf of students to fill their needs and enhance student life so they can achieve success on our campus.

What are some things ASWSUV does?

ASWSUV can help to fund club events, put on campus-wide events, and creating civic engagement. We’re passionate about helping our students through means of decreasing stigma around mental health and food insecurity, providing and fun and stress free as possible campus experience. We act as the voice of you, our students, to better your lives at home and on campus to help you be as successful as possible.

How can I request for an event to be on the bathroom calendar?

Email us! All we need is the event name, date, time, and location.

How can I have a flyer made for an event?

Still email us! You can also request logos or designs.

Can I attend an ASWSUV meeting?

Yes! Both Senate and Executive Staff meetings are open to the public and are in FSC 136. Senate meetings are Mondays from 3:05-4:05 and Exec. Staff meetings are every other Wednesday from 10:50-11:50. Check the schedule in front of FSC 136 to check what meetings are occurring inside.

Can I get involved in ASWSUV?

Absolutely! Our elections for President, Vice President, and Senator positions are held in the Spring Semester every year. You can apply to be on Executive Staff online at CougSync during the summer as well.

You can also apply to be on the Elections Board or the Judicial Board. Applications are on CougSync and are open until they are filled.

Questions about Campus

How can I get involved on campus?

Attend an event or join a club! ASWSUV and other clubs and organizations throw events very frequently that are open to everyone. Check CougSync and the bathroom calendars to find out what’s happening.

Where can I buy my parking pass?

You can buy your parking pass online under the Parking Services section on the WSUV website.

Where can I find out about campus events?

Look online at CougSync! OSI, ASWSUV, SAB, the Wellness Center, the Student Resource Center, and the Rec Center all hold events that you can find online. You can also find club events on CougSync that you can attend.

How can I get food from the Cougar Food Pantry?

You can request food for yourself or refer someone else online, or you can donate food at any time.

Where can I get information about Financial Aid?

Visit the Student Services Center above the Bookie, or go online.

How can I join a club?

Find a club meeting on CougSync and attend! Clubs love gaining new members, and you can join a club for free. You can also start your own club by contacting the Student Activities Advisor in OSI.

Where can I get a Loaner Laptop?

There are six PC laptops available for checkout at the library. All you need is your Cougar Card!

ASWSUV Key Terms

Senator: A Senator serves as a member of the ASWSUV Senate. The Senate provides funding for non-academic events, programming, and other student focused aspects on campus. We are in charge of overseeing funding requests from registered student organizations and overseeing ASWSUV Constitution & By-laws and making amends to them when needed.

Executive Staff: The Exec. Cabinet is made of seven students and the president. They focus on hosting campus events and communicating with students.

Internal Affairs Committee: The Internal Affairs Committee acts as a liaison between WSUV students and administration.

External Affairs Committee: The External Affairs Committee acts as a liaison between the WSUV campus and the surrounding community.

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee focuses on the Senate Allocation Pool budget, which is dispensed for club events.

Budget Committee: Determines the dollars to be spent in the next school year.

Legacy Committee: The Legacy Committee is in charge of finding a meaningful campus contribution for each year of ASWSUV to leave behind.

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